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Certifications & Courses

At AGI, we offer a range of courses especially designed for learning through practice. We believe that this method fosters the best learning environment. Small groups, one-on-one attention, and hands-on experience have made us the best training option for 20 years and running.

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Pro Tools

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Pro Tools Shortcuts Workshop


Work like a pro and save time!


This Pro Tools Shortcuts Workshop will make your workflow in Pro Tools more efficient and will make you an impressively fast Pro Tools Operator.


In this one-of-a-kind workshop, Chilitos 

will show you some of the most powerful and practical shortcuts in Pro Tools for music, post-production, and audio for video game applications.


Pro Tools Comprehensive

Pro Tools Comprenhensive

This class is an overview of the most important Pro Tools software features. It is designed to be hands-on training, using real-life situation exercises in Music Production and Audio for Video Post Production.


The class is limited to five students, 

therefore allowing personal attention to each student. Each student will be assigned to a Pro Tools station so they can practice on their own during the in-class exercises. The class runs for two consecutive weeks, three hours daily. We believe this amount of time is sufficient for each student to learn and assimilate Pro Tools techniques and practices. 


Pro Tools Re-Certification

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This course covers changes that have been incorporated into the curriculum for Pro Tools.  It allows Certified Pro Tools Operators to update their certification with a single course.


This course is designed for end-users who have achieved the Operator Level

Certification in Music or Post on the latest Pro Tools version.


Completion of all courses and exams through Pro Tools 210M or Pro Tools 210P under software latest version is required prior to beginning this course.


This course provides updated information to the Pro Tools 100- and 200- level curriculum.

Pro Tools for Voice Over Talents

Pro Tools Voice Over

This hands-on, intensive one-day workshop is designed  for voiceover talents looking to learn how to produce professional high-quality voiceover demos. These days, there are so many opportunities around the city, but so little time to get to them all.

So why not maximize your time by learning how to craft your own demos, so you can submit your work to various agencies all at once from home with the click of a button.


Using Pro Tools, each student will have an opportunity to record a promo sample, commercial, telephone prompt, etc., and then edit it and mix it using the proper professional techniques. Also covered is different conversion formats, sample rates, and bit resolutions used in the voiceover field so that students will learn how to meet the demands of different agencies and projects.


Music Production Courses

Mastering Course

Mastering Course

Taking a dive inside the world of mastering from both a technical and artistic point of view, this course goes through every step of the mastering stage of production, from when a project reaches a mastering house to when it gets back into the artist's hands. Through a series of intensive hands-on practices and class exercises, students will gain the knowledge and confidence to put

the necessary finishing touches on a final mix, while understanding how the entire process of mastering finishes a record.


Mixing Course

Mixing Course

Mixing can be one of the most daunting tasks of a project if you're not sure what you're doing. Understanding and using equalizers to blend and balance a mix, compressing and limiting to control the dynamics of a particular instrument, and using reverb and delay to add a third dimension can all be very confusing. 

Using industry standard processors within Pro Tools, we have designed the perfect solution to clear things up. Over the course of our program, students will learn the proper habits, and mixing concepts and techniques used by award-winning engineers.


Ableton Live

Ableton Live

Ableton Live is now a well-recognized name due to its unique approach to music production. It is a DAW that is similar to such industry standards as Pro Tools or Logic, but much different in its capabilities. 

AGI's Ableton Live course seeks to eliminate the confusion that most musicians tend to have about Ableton Live. Roy Sugihara's course goal is to ensure that each student realizes that Ableton Live is a special kind of music production software, and with proper knowledge and understanding of its features, new sonic heights may be reached and surpassed.


With hands-on exercises and careful guidance, Roy will take students comfortably into the incredibly flexible and limitlessly creative world of Ableton Live. 

Synthesizer Techniques

Synthesizer Techniques

Synthesizers manipulate electrical signals that appear as sound when they are used to drive audio amplifiers. Tones are then generated by electrical circuits that manipulate a signal through a series of oscillators and filters in an analog circuit, or through algorithmic manipulation of signals

using a microprocessor and DSP, or by a combination of both.

This can sound difficult or boring to the creative mind, but the reality is that knowing about synthesis can unlock creative barriers and snap you out of a mental block in an instant.


Imagine the possibility to create complex sounds out of nothing, and what that could bring to your individual sound. Imagine also the inspirational power behind new sonic creations, and the intellectual reward you can feel by knowing how to achieve the exact sound you are looking for. Give yourself this gift and put yourself ahead of the game.


Post Production Courses


Music Editing

Music Editing Course

This course is a comprehensive introduction to music editing that offers students current trends, techniques and an in-depth experience of how music integrates with films and television. Postproduction music editing is designed for the intermediate and  experienced musician, composer, sound editor, filmmaker, director or

film editor who is interested in learning about the profession of music editing from a hands-on practical approach.


This four-day intensive course will explore many techniques of music editing including key areas of how music is prepared, edited and delivered for a dub or mix and the dynamics of working with a variety of collaborators on a film or television project. 


Upon successful completion of this coursework students should feel confident with a basic understanding of what music editing is about and some of the requirements.  This course should enable the filmmaker and other parties to the filmmaking process to communicate better with the music editor.


Prerequisites are at least an intermediate working knowledge of pro tools and postproduction workflows as well as basic knowledge of music and digital audio. The course includes the textbook: Music Editing for Film and Television, the Art and the Process.

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Sound Design

Sound Design

Sound Design involves the process of creating new sound elements through the manipulation of audio. In a motion picture we not only need music and dialogue, we also need several audio elements that sometimes we don’t notice are there. Without these sound elements, a movie can turn quickly into an awkward experience. 

In this course, we talk about Foley and ambience sounds. For example- the sound of a fist knocking on a door, or  the sound of two lightsabers colliding. Sound Design does not only cover real life sounds, but also the sounds of total fiction. Think about just how a spaceship would sound traveling through space at the speed of light. This is why Sound Design is so important for a motion picture. 

Sound Editing

Sound Editing

Sound Editing Course

Sound Editing is the process of selecting and assembling sounds for a motion picture, TV program, video commercial, or a video game. Whether these sounds were captured by recordings or synthetically created by synthesizers and samplers, (or any other type of sound generators) a 

sound editor gathers the right elements of sound and manipulates them as needed. Also, a sound editor has access to sound libraries provided by the sound supervisor to accomplish his or her job.


ADR Course

There is a rule in TV and Cinematography: Dialogue is king. But, what happens when the location dialogue is not good enough? Sometimes the environment noise is too high, the equipment did not work as it was supposed to, or the actor's performance is just not up to the required standards. 


ADR stands for (Automated Dialogue 

Replacement) and comprises the re-recording of dialogue in a controlled environment (such as a recording studio) in sync with the video or picture. There are three persons involved in this process: the actor, the recording engineer, and the sound editor. During this course you will learn the art of transforming poor quality dialogue into the soul of your motion picture. 


In this class, you will learn and gain experience by practicing aligning and syncing dialog to a video or picture in real-life ADR applications. 

Other Courses

Corporate Media Training
Studio Design & Installation

Studio Design & Installation

Studio Design & Installation Course

This course will help you design and install your “dream studio." It will also help you select and purchase the right equipment at the right price. Regardless of whether your dream studio is for music production or post production, personal or professional, electronic music or DJ, in this class, you 

will learn how to connect it using the proper cables and how to get the most out of it.


Even if you are not planning to install studios for a living, at least you will understand enough to be able to communicate with a studio designer or installer you hire to make the right decisions for your studio.

Corporate Media Training

Corporate Media Training

With the constant-growing technology market, its becoming harder and harder for working editors, musicians, engineers, producers, etc. to stay on top of their game. We constantly have to stay on the bal- learning and developing our skills using new techniques and tools in order to stay ahead of the competition.

We at AudioGraph International understand how important it is for corporations to save time for their employees when it comes to their training and career improvement. For over 20 years, we have trained professionals in the audio industry nationally and internationally.


We offer this personalized training in nearly any pro audio field you can think of- TV networks, radio, post-production facilities, and record labels, among others.


Some of our clients are 20th Century Fox, Focusrite Novation, INC.,  The John Lennon Educational Studio Tour Bus,  Univision TV Network, and Telefutura TV Network among others.


Some of our international clients include Tecnológico de Monterrey (Santa Fe, Mexico City and Monterrey),  Escuela de Música Fernando Sor (Bogotá-Colombia), Universidad San Francisco de Quito (Quito-Ecuador), Gotika University (Buenos Aires-Argentina), HBO (Caracas-Venezuela),  and Universidad Baja California (Mexicali-Mexico), among others.


The following is only a partial list of what we have to offer. If you are a company seeking thorough training for your employees, or are an interested staff member, call today to request the kind of training that you require.

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