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ADR Course

Length: 15 hours (3 hours per day)


Overview: There is a rule in TV and Cinematography: Dialogue is king. But, what happens when the location dialogue is not good enough?  Sometimes the environment noise is too high, the equipment did not work as it was supposed to or the actor's performance is just not up to the required standards. That is the moment when ADR is needed. 


ADR stands for (Automated Dialogue Replacement) and consists in re-recording the dialogue in a controlled environment (such as a recording studio) in sync with the video or picture. There are three persons involved in this process: the actor, the recording engineer and the sound editor. During this course you will learn the art of transforming poor quality dialogue into the soul of your motion picture. 


In this class, you will lean and gain experience by practicing aligning and syncing dialog to a video or picture in real life ADR applications. 


  • Importing existing dialog in Pro Tools from and OMF or AAF file

  • Aligning dialog according to an EDL (Edit Decision List) document

  • Recording and replace dialog in a Pro Tools session

  • Recording dialog in different Pro Tools record modes

  • Editing dialog using Playlist in Pro Tools

  • Cleaning up dialog recordings using industry-standard restoration plug-ins

  • Preparing final dialog for delivery using several bouncing/exporting techniques

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