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The AGI team consists of a highly qualified group of professionals and talented collaborators with years of experience in the music, film and audio engineering industry. The combination of different type of professionals


Jose Chilitos Valenzuela photo

"Chilitos" Valenzuela - CEO

Recording/mixing engineer and sound designer was trained and certified by Digidesign since 1994. Mr. Valenzuela has participated in the design of several Digidesign and Alesis products. He also has worked as an engineer with John Waite (The Babys), Keith Emerson (Emerson, Lake, and Palmer), Michael Sembello, and other Grammy™ Award winners and nominated Latin artists.


He has written the "The Complete Pro Tools Handbook" and "The Complete Pro Tools Shortcuts" in English and Spanish, as well as other digital audio and MIDI books in Spanish. He is the founder and owner of AudioGraph International, a multi-faceted recording studio which not only encompasses recording, mixing, editing and post production, but is a Digidesign authorized and Certified Specialist

for the training of Pro Tools in Santa Monica, CA.


Roy Sugihara

Roy Sugihara is a producer and engineer from West Los Angeles, California. He took classical piano lessons as a boy. A middle school affair with Coca Cola's introduced Roy to music production. In turn, Roy got turntables and a mixer. He ordered used hip-hop and dance records from eBay. That became expensive for the boy. Roy’s affection for growing technologies such as Serato’s Scratch Live would lead him to become his high school's DJ. 


DJ’ing brought a passion for songs, and Roy’s interest in production was sparked. He read on various topics: production, engineering, music history. He grew up in Ableton Live. He found a number of recording artists in his circle, working on projects for free, honing his chops. With his friends, he released mixtapes called “Hot Tapes,” releasing tracks over a six month period. Two of the tracks found airplay at European radio.


After graduating UCLA, the Internet would bring Roy to Chilitos Valenzuela and his Audiograph International. Currently, Mr. Sugihara is AGI’s Ableton Live instructor and a very valuable asset for the company.    


Marina Zapata-Valenzuela

Marina Zapata-Valenzuela is AudioGraph’s Marketing Director. She has been in AGI for the last 14 years developing and coordinating conferences, seminars and technical presentations. She also builds and maintains a close relationship between the media and the company.


Through the years, she has helped to create new marketable ways and tools to attract potential clients and media interest. Marina holds a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communications and recently earned her Master's degree in Digital Marketing from Full Sail University. She graduated with honors! She is perfectly bilingual and doesn’t let pass the opportunity to put to work her Journalism experience by interviewing the well-recognized artists that come to participate at AGI. Her latest article was on Venezuelan music, producer and 5 times Grammy winner Mr. Kenny O’Brien, which was shown in the Special Audio Edition of Musico Pro Magazine.

Garrett LaBrie

Garrett LaBrie is a talented graphic designer, videographer and photographer from Los Angeles, CA. Since the last years, he has got immersed in a variety of projects where his skills and abilities had let him undertake logo design, advertisement, flyers, brochures, photo enhancement and manipulations, illustration, typography, 
publication and page layout design.


As a Photographer, he has shot everything from automotive photography to people and pride himself in his abilities to do so. His experience as a videographer include: music videos, interviews, behind the scenes, personal vlogs, short films, and more.


Delia Orjuela

Delia Orjuela is AudioGraph's Public Relations Director. She has been part of AGI since the early thousands. Delia was born in Mexico City but she came to live in the United States when she was 15 years old. Delia plays an important role at AudioGraph International by building and maintaining a positive image for the company and most of all for the AGI founder and cornerstone, Chilitos Valenzuela. Ms. Orjuela is perfectly bilingual and she holds extensive experience in the entertainment industry.  

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Agustine Lim

Agustine Lim is a graduated from the California State University, Fullerton. He has earned his Avid Pro Tools Operator/Expert Certification at AudioGraph International. He became part of the AGI family first as a student and then as Chilitos' right hand and assistant.


Agustine has a passion for music and he is an expert in the Ableton Live software. Agustine has worked as a sound engineer for the Forecast Recording Studio in Los Angeles. He was part of the production of the first single for artist James + Joy, Let Me Fade.



Dave Hampton

Audio Engineer



Studio Design

Technology Consultant


Dave Hampton is a 38+ year veteran of the audio recording industry. His company MATK Corp is trusted and called on to create and provide custom solutions for various artists and companies. He has served as Technical director for Herbie Hancock’s and Prince, today he serves the same role for The Estate of Jazz Great Miles Davis. In addition to engineering, Dave still consults with manufacturers on new technology, lecturers on survival in the industry, and continues to design custom studios and creative spaces for some of entertainments top artists.  Thru his company MATK Corp. Dave provides solutions for all his clients.


Four years ago REFTONE was launched as the first mass manufactured product from MATK. This product is now sold in over 9 countries and can be found in major studios such as Westlake Studios and “The Jimmy Kimmel Show” to name a few. These small speakers are helping to improve the way people work with audio forever.


Dave has authored 4 books his latest being the second edition of “The Business of Audio Engineering”  is mandatory text for several audio programs around the country. He also serves on the steering committee for the producers and engineers wing of the Grammy’s as well as the board of SPARS,(Society of Professional Audio Recording Services).


Dave still services clients from every genre of music in any location in the world.

Partial clients include: Marcus Miller, George Duke, Justin Timberlake, Maxwell, Lady Gaga, and Babyface, NeYo, RZA, Too Short, Chicago, MIA, and more. 


Steven Saltzman

Music editor and composer Steven Saltzman has a diverse musical background and his passion for teaching gives him the ability to create new ways of understanding and sharing the world of music editing. He earned his Bachelors of Music in composition and film scoring from Berklee College of Music in Boston. Leading up to his degree, he attended the Comprehensive Musicianship Bachelors program at Moorhead State College, one of ten such programs in the United States, studied composition with Boston Conservatory composer John Hess and Dr. Albert Harris in Los Angeles. In addition Steven is an expert certified AVID Pro Tools instructor.


For the past nineteen years Mr. Saltzman has focused his career on music editing. He as recently authored his new book published by Focal Press of Taylor & Francis Group entitled: Music Editing For Film and Television: The Art and The Process. Some music editing credits includes: Queen Of The Desert, composer Klaus Badelt,  Brick Mansions, composed by Trevor Morris, Movie 43 various composers including Tyler Bates, Christophe Beck and William Goodrum, Priest composed by Chris Young and A Guy Thing with composer Mark Mothersbaugh. He serves on the Board of Directors for Motion Picture Sound Editors (MPSE), and the many college Advisory Boards. He continues to work professionally in the film and television industry, teach at Musicians Institute, a faculty at The Palomar Film Music Workshop as well as lecturing and presenting about music editing, this invisible yet critical and influential music work.


Currently, Mr. Saltzman is AGI’s Music Editing Instructor. He also participates in AGI’s open houses, conferences and seminars by sharing his experience with young aspiring engineers. 


Khaliq Glover

Khaliq Glover aka Khaliq-O-Vision is a Grammy™ winning engineer/producer whose credits include Herbie Hancock, Prince, Marcus Miller, Angie Stone, Justin Timberlake, Jeffrey Osborne, Take 6, and more.


He was one of the engineers on the "We Are The World" project for USA For Africa with Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, and a host of stars.


Khaliq is the creator of the "Hypnotic Audio Secrets" training course. or

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