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Our Services

Audiograph International offers a wide variety of services within the Music & Entertainment Industry. Twenty-five years of experience has given us the capabilities to be involved not only in educational purposes but in music production,

post-production, publishing, consulting on technical equipment, studio design, and translation services.

Music Production & Audio for Video Post Production


Our studios are equipped with the latest in state-of-the-art digital recording equipment including five Avid Pro Tools 11 HD systems with a large variety of plug-ins AAX Native and AAX DSP, and DSP power enough for large music and motion picture post production projects. Other equipment includes a SSL analog mixing board, Pro Tools control Surfaces, analog MIDI synthesizers, MIDI Samplers, linear and non-linear video editing capabilities, analog recording machines, and analog and digital signal processors. We have a long roster of the best music composers, arrangers, musicians, producers and engineer, as well as sound editors, sound designers, Foley artists, voice over talents in both, English and Spanish, music editors, video editors, and dialog editors that are available upon request. We are certain you will find the solution for your commercial music needs such as jingles, musical plays, and professional record productions, as well as audio for video post-production. 

Digital Sound Editing

Do you want your digital audio to have a pristine, mastered quality? Do you have a need to transfer digital or analog audio with the least sound degradation? We have state-of-the-art digital equipment and the latest and best software tools to edit audio, clean tracks, make digital copies and digital transfers in all digital formats such as ADAT, DA-88, CD, DAT, and Pro Tools. 

Sound Design

Whatever your needs are in sound FX for your video, film, musical play, record production, etc., we have an extensive library of sound effects from the most popular FX Library to the creation of the "weirdest" and most original sound effect you need with the use of our large collection of analog and digital MIDI synthesizers and samplers.

CD / DVD Mastering

We have the experience and special tools such as sampling and bit resolution converters, tube preamps, analog and digital EQs and compressors of the highest quality to place your CD in the market with the best possible sonic quality. We also offer CD mastering at 32 bits with exceptional sonic result. Mastering Services are for DVD-Audio and DVD-Movies as well.

Technical & Commercial Translation

Audio and MI manufacturers such as Avid, Audio-Technica, Hal Leonard Publishing, as well as Music and Audio magazines such as Mix Magazine, Guitar Player Magazine, Latin Grammy Magazine, Músico Pro, Online NAMM University, and our most recent client, the Yosemite National Park, utilize AudioGraph International's 27 year plus expertise to aid their marketing efforts in the rapidly expanding Spanish-speaking market, as well as other international markets such as Japanese, Mandarin, French, German, Portuguese, and more.


One of the biggest problems inherent in translating technical documentation is that it rarely comes across literally - differences in language and nomenclature can cause translated versions of manuals to range from confusing to indecipherable. AudioGraph International circumvents this problem with a staff of multilingual audio professionals, familiar not only with the equipment they are describing, but also with the Spanish spoken every day in Spain and Latin American studios, therefore, eliminating the confusion of literal translation between Spanish and English. As well as other languages.


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