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Pro Tools 201

Length: 16 hours


This course covers the core concepts and skills needed to operate a Pro Tools HD system in a professional studio environment. The course continues to build on the fundamental concepts and topics covered in the Pro Tools 100-series of courses. Access to the 201 exam requires passing all previous exams


  • Pro Tools 101: Introduction to Pro Tools

  • Pro Tools 110: Essentials of Pro Tools



At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand Pro Tools HD Family

  • Optimize your system

  • Configure and navigate sessions

  • Manage sessions using DigiBase browsers

  • Apply selection techniques

  • Edit using alternate tools and advanced nudging techniques

  • Employ HD automation modes

  • Mix with Pro Tools HD Family

  • Finish the session by creating a final mixdown

Software Configuration

  • Pro Tools 2024.3 HD

  • EQ III

  • Dynamics III

  • Time Adjuster

  • D-Fi

  • ReVibe

  • Reverb One

  • Smack!

  • Maxim

  • SignalTools PhaseScope

  • Reel Tape Suite


System Configurations

  • Pro Tools HD Native

  • 192 I/O, 96 I/O, 96i I/O, HD I/O, HD OMNI, or HD MADI

  • Avid PRE

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