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Mixing Course

Length: 30 hours (3 hours per day)

Overview: Mixing can be one of the most daunting tasks of a project if you're not sure what you're doing.

Understanding and using equalizers to blend and balance a mix, compressing and limiting to control the dynamics of a particular instrument, using reverb and delay to add a third dimension can all be very confusing. Using industry-standard processors within Pro Tools, we have designed the perfect solution to clear things up.

Over the course of our program, students will learn the proper habits, mixing concepts, and techniques used by award-winning engineers.
1. Designing the mix
2. Mixing Responsibilities
3. Setting instrument balances and panning
4. Hands On Practice
5. Review your mix and adjust any balances or panning
6. Import reference mix into your Pro-Tools session
7. Mixing with EQ and Dynamics
8. Equalization (EQ)

9. Hands On Practice
10. Dynamics (compression/limiting and expansion/gating)
11. Different effects can be achieved by adjusting attack and release times

12. Discuss the difference between putting EQ or Dynamics first in the signal-flow path of a channel
13. Hands On Practice
14. Reverb and digital delays

15. Reverb parameters
16. Hands On Practice
17. Digital delay parameters
18. How to find the tempo of a song and use a Digital Delay Chart
19. Using other kinds of plug-ins and effects in your mix
20. Hands On Practice
21. Review of week 1 material
22. Using Pro-Tools automation with faders in the 5 different automation modes
23. Automation parameter window
24. Hands On Practice
25. Review your mix
26.  Prepare to archive your mixes
27. Hands On Practice
28. Begin reviewing all the Final Mixes by the instructor:
29. Discuss how to transfer mix information from song to song while maintaining audio consistence and integrity over the entire CD
30. Hands On Practice
31. Continue reviewing all the Final Mixes by the instructor
32. Discuss studio monitors and the importance of room acoustics for mixing:
33. Hands On Practice
34. Watch the instructor mix a song from top to bottom in the main studio.

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