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Sound Editing Course


15 hours (3 hours per day)



Sound Editing is the process of selecting and assembling sounds for a motion picture,

TV program, video commercial, or a video game. Whether these sounds were captured by recordings or synthetically created by synthesizers and samplers, or any other type of sound generators, a sound editor then gathers the right elements of sound and manipulates them as needed. Also, a sound editor has access to sound libraries provided by the sound supervisor to accomplish his or her job. 


In this course the student will learn how to:


• Import OMF/AAF and video files in a Pro Tools session

• Import sound effects from sound libraries provided in class

• Conform sound effects in a video sequence

• Apply editing techniques to fit a sound effect in the proper place

• Use Elastic Audio in Pro Tools to edit a sound

• Use digital signal processors to alter sound effects

• Clean up recorded sounds using industry-standard restoration plug-ins

• Preparing final sounds for delivery using several bouncing/exporting techniques