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Mastering Course


15 hrs (3 hours per day)


Taking a dive inside the world of mastering from a technical, as well as an artistic, point of view, this course goes through every step along the way, from when a project reaches a mastering house, to when it gets back into the artist's hands. Through a series of intense hands-on practice and class exercises, students will gain the knowledge and confidence to be. 



Theory of Sound
• Origin of Sound 
• Sound parameters 
• The Human Hearing


Digital Audio Theory
• Sampling: Sampling Rates, Aliasing 
• Bit Resolution, Truncation 
• Converters: Types of ADC and DAC 
• Dither vs. UV-22


Equalization (EQ)
• Types 
• Paramaters 
• EQ Exercises

• Types 
• Paramaters 
• Compression Exercises


Specialized Hardware
• Types 
• Connections


Specialized Software
• Types of Plug-ins
• Functions


Techniques on: 
• Normalization 
• Limiting 
• Maximization 
• Soft Limiting


The Playlist


The PQ Codes


CD Replication