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Pro Tools Shortcuts Workshop

Length: 8 hours (One day)



You will learn the most common shortcuts in a way to help you get the most out of Avid's industry-leading digital-audio software with the least effort. Each shortcut will be shown with it’s key combination needed on both operating systems, Mac and Windows; it will be explained in what it does, in what context the command is available, and other important features.


In this workshop, the student will study and learn how to apply a shortuct from a list applied to both, Music and Post. Please see below some examples that are included in the list:


SHORTCUT: Cue Transport to Selection Start/End


EXPLANATION: If you have made a selection in a region, by clicking Command + Left Arrow, Pro Tools will start playing back from the beginning of the selection. By clicking Command + Right Arrow, Pro Tools will start playing back from the end of the region selection.


SHORTCUT: Solo the Playlist Lane Containing the Edit Cursor


EXPLANATION: You must create several Playlists first, by recording them in the “Loop Record” mode or create them individually. To apply the shortcut you must be in the “Playlists” track view in the Edit window.

SHORTCUT: Copy the Selection to the Main Playlist


EXPLANATION: You must be in the Playlist track view to be able to see and apply this shortcut.


SHORTCUT: Make Track Active/Inactive


EXPLANATION: Notice on the right side screenshot, the channel strip “Tom 1” was grayed out after applying the shortcut. Also, the font on the track’s name turned into italics type.


SHORTCUT: Reset a Control to Default Value


EXPLANATION: You can reset any volume fader, pan slider, etc., to its default position by pressing Option and clicking on the fader or pan slider.

For panning, it will return the slider to the center position, for volume it will be set to 0 dB.

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