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Sound Design Course

Length: 15 hours (3 hours per day)

Overview: Sound Design involves the process of creating new sound elements through the manipulation of audio. In a motion picture we not only need music and dialog, we also need several audio elements that sometimes, we don’t notice they are there. Without these sound elements, a movie will turn into an awkward experience. We are talking about the Foley and the ambience sounds; for example, the sound of a fist knocking on a door, or even the sound of two laser swords colliding. Sound Design does not only explore real life sounds, but also sounds of the fiction world. Just think about this, how do you think the sound of a spaceship moving through space at the speed of light would sound like? That is why Sound Design is so important for a motion picture.



In this course you will learn:


• How to analyze the different types of sound effects needed for a project


• How to approach designing a specific sound effect


• How to record real life sounds, edit them, and use them as a sound effect


• How to create sound effects using analog and digital synthesizers and samplers


• How to use MIDI to record sound effects in Pro Tools


• How to create a multi-layer sound effects


• How to use Elastic Audio to create sound effects in Pro Tools


• How to clean and edit sound effects using Pro Tools


• How to re-record sound effects after being edited and layered


• How to prepare final sound effects for delivery

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