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Pro Tools 110

Length: 24 hours


This course provides a more detailed look at the Pro Tools system on top of the knowledge you learned in Pro Tools 101. It covers all the key concepts and skills needed to operate the Pro Tools 2024.3 software. The course provides the foundation for the later 200-series of courses on Pro Tools music and post-production.


  • Pro Tools 101: Introduction to Pro Tools

Software Configuration

  • Pro Tools 2024.3

  • DigiRack EQ III, Dynamics III, and DVerb

  • Digidesign D-Fi

  • Xpand!

  • Hybrid

  • Structure

  • Eleven

  • Smack

  • TL Space - Native Edition

  • DINR

  • DigiTranslator 2

  • X-Form

  • Torq LE


System Configurations

  • MBox Family

  • Pro Tools | 2024.3

  • M-Audio Trigger FingerTM or Axiom Pro keyboard controller recommended.


At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Configure your studio and session

  • Control Pro Tools using external controllers

  • Manage session data and media files

  • Record MIDI and audio, using loop recording and advanced techniques

  • Work with time scales and virtual instruments

  • Work with Avid Elastic Audio

  • Edit and quantize MIDI and audio

  • Use audio editing and file management techniques

  • Apply editing techniques such as the use of Beat Detective for Region Looping

  • Enable, play, view, and edit automation data

  • Mix using sends, returns, plug-ins, Master Faders, and groups

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