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Music Editing Course


32 hours (8 hours per day)


This course is a comprehensive introduction to music editing that offers students current trends, techniques and an in-depth experience of how music integrates with films and television.

Postproduction music editing is designed for the intermediate and experienced musician, composer, sound editor, filmmaker, director of film editor who is interested in learning about the profession of music editing from a hands-on practical approach.


The four-day intensive course will explore many techniques of music editing including key areas of how music is prepared, edited and delivered for a dub or mix and the dynamics of working with a variety of the collaborators on a film or television project. 


Upon successful completion of this coursework students should feel confident with a basic understanding of what music editing is about and some of the requirements.  This course should enable the filmmaker and other parties to the filmmaking process to communicate better with the music editor.


Prerequisites are at least an intermediate working knowledge of pro tools and postproduction workflows as well as basic knowledge of music and digital audio. The course includes the textbook: Music Editing for Film and Television, the Art and the Process.


Steven A. Saltzman


Includes reading assignments, various introductory hands-on projects.


  • UNIT 1: Introduction to music editing & Temp music editing

    What is a music editor

    Who’s Who in film and television post production

    Temp editing – what is it and how to approach this work

    In-class pro tools project #1

  • UNIT 2: Song editing & On-camera song editing

    How are songs used in movies and TV shows

    Who brings songs to the project

    How to edit various songs as ‘source music’

    How to edit multi-track songs as ‘song-score’ or on-camera music

    In-class pro tools project # 2


  • UNIT 3: Working with a composer

    How composers write for movies

    Working with click tracks

    Composed music delivery for the dub

  • Editing the composed score – various techniques

    In-class pro tools project # 3

  • UNIT 4: Conforming music and delivery

    What is conforming and why is it important.

    Various techniques to conform audio using pro tools

    In-class pro tools project

    Music royalties and cue sheet delivery