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Pro Tools Comprenhensive

Length: 3 hours Per Day for 10 days (30 hours total)


Overview: This class is an overview of the most important Pro Tools software features, designed to be a 95% hands on training using “Real Life” situation exercises in Music Production and Post Production. The class is limited to five students, therefore allowing personal attention to each student. And each student, will be assigned to a Pro Tools station so they can practice on their own during the in class exercises. The class runs for two consecutive weeks, three hours daily. We believe this amount of time is sufficient for each student to learn and assimilate this state-of-the-art technology.


Among other topics covered in this course are:


• Digital Audio and MIDI Concepts

• Complete Pro Tools Menu Explanation and Application

• Recording and Loading Tracks

• Managing & Editing Audio and Video clips

• Elastic Audio Techniques

• Applications for Music Production

• Applications for Post-Production

• Mixing using Real Time Plug-Ins, AudioSuite, and External Effects Processors

• Mixing Automation

• Synchronization between Pro Tools and external machines 

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