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The Most Music Genre Listened Today!

In 2015, Nielsen Music confirmed that the most listened music genre was Rock (30 percent), followed by R&B/Hip-Hop with a robust 22 percent. However, things have changed in the music industry. Nowadays, Hip-Hop and Rap are at the top of the charts and continue doing so according to the ten top most music consumed in 2019 by Billboard.

Nielsen Music US, 2015

I have talked to many people, especially those from the Generation X demographic, and, generally, they believe that the Rock genre is dying. What is yours believe?

What type of Rock genre is the above chart referring? Classic? Country? Rock n Roll? Garage? Punk? Classic? Country? Rock n Roll? Garage? Punk?

The Data Company, Statista, shared the total music album consumption in the US in 2018, by genre. The genre Hip-Hop and are at the top as the most listened in 2018.

Now, what is happening so far this year?

According to The Billboard Top Most Listened Genres that have been breaking the Internet these for the last two weeks (Sept., 2nd – 15th) are: Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B with the song Truth Hurts (Lizzo), Senorita (Latin Pop) interpreted by Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello, Billie Eilish (Bad Guy) who represents different genres among those are Pop, Rock, Soul, and Angst-Pop. In the Billboard chart, also figures artist Lil Tecca (rapper) from Queens, NY with the song Ram$on and Old Town Road is categorizing Country Rap/Pop.

But, anyhow, where does the term Music Genre come from?

The name of genres comes from artist per se. Michelangelo Matos expresses it in his article, Genre-Busting: The Origin of Music Categories. “Like Reverend Thomas Dorsey gave the name to the type of music that we know today as Gospel.”

And, to conclude, I am leaving you with a question. Does the category Classic Rocks come from an era, or is it a marketing word created by the radio stations to generate more revenues? Great material for another article, right?

The preferences for the music genre may change with time, but the LOVE for music will never change.


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