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How to install the Pro Tools software

This article includes a visual step-by-step installation help for the installation of the Pro Tools software.

System Requirements and Compatibility

An Internet connection is required to install and authorize Pro Tools software (to download the

Pro Tools installer and Pro Tools license).

The following are required to run Pro Tools software:

• A qualified Windows or Mac computer

• A qualified audio interface (or built-in audio capability)

Avid can only assure compatibility and provide support for hardware and software it has tested and approved. For complete system requirements and a list of qualified computers, operating systems, hard drives, and third-party devices, visit

About iLok and iLok Cloud

Pro Tools software can be authorized using an iLok USB key (2nd generation or later) from PACE Anti-Piracy, or with the iLok Cloud feature of the iLok License Manager. An iLok can hold hundreds of authorizations for all of your iLok-enabled software. After a software license has been placed on an iLok, you can use the iLok to authorize that software on any computer. iLok Cloud works very similarly to a physical iLok, but it requires a constant internet connection to validate the licensing.

Note that the Pro Tools First license can be placed on an iLok or your computer directly, but is not compatible with iLok Cloud.

Installation Overview

Installation of Pro Tools includes the following steps:

  • Creating Your Avid Master Account

  • Retrieving Your Pro Tools | Software License

  • Removing Previous Versions of Pro Tools | software

  • Installing Hardware Drivers

  • Installing Pro Tools | software

  • Starting Up or Shutting Down Your System

  • Launching and Authorizing Pro Tools | software

  • Configuring your system for improved performance

Creating Your Avid Master Account

An Avid account is required to activate Pro Tools software, and, if you purchased a download version of Pro Tools, to download your software.

If you don't have an Avid account, visit to create your account.

Retrieving Your Pro Tools Software License

When you purchase a boxed version of Pro Tools, you receive an activation code, either on an activation card or through your Avid account. If you bought Pro Tools from the Avid Store, you will receive your license online and skip the following procedure.

To retrieve your Pro Tools software license:

  1. If you don’t already have an iLok account, visit to sign up for an account

You will need to install the free iLok License Manager on each computer, and you can download it from the iLok Website.

The iLok License Manager requires one of the following operating systems:

For Mac: Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) or above For Windows: 32-bit or 64-bit: Windows 7 or above.

2. Visit and log into your Avid account (if you don't already have an Avid account, click "Create Your Account")

3. Enter your activation code and your User ID

4. To deposit your license into your account, follow these instructions:

  • Sign Into Your iLok Account

Run the iLok License Manager software, and the basic window like this will open like this one.

Enter your User ID and Password, and you will be able to manage from iLok licenses and iLoks using the iLok License Manager software.

Move licenses from my iLok account onto one of my iLoks
  • Drag & Drop Method

This is the fastest and most common way to activate a license.
  • Select the license you want to activate in your iLok account in the cloud.

  • Drag it to a new location, either an iLok or a machine (if allowed), in the left-hand column

  • Confirm the move in the pop-up window.

Activate From The Detail Panel
  • To use the buttons, you will need to select the license you want to activate from the list of licenses on one of your iLoks.

  • Click the Activate button in the upper right-hand corner and select a location in the pop-up window; this will be one of your iLoks.

  • Click "Activate" to finish.

When activating a license to an iLok, the iLok must be plugged into your computer for the operation to be successful.

Installing Hardware Drivers

Before installing Pro Tools software, install the latest drivers for your hardware. Refer to the documentation that came with your audio hardware for more information. For Avid audio interfaces, download and install the drivers for your Avid hardware from

  • Pro Tools may not recognize your audio interface if you do not install the drivers. If you are upgrading Pro Tools, be sure to install the latest drivers for your hardware.

Installing Pro Tools on Mac

Download the Pro Tools Installer from your online Avid account

  • Open the Pro Tools disk image.

  • Double-click Install Pro Tools.pkg

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to continue the installation.

  • Once the installation is complete, click Close.

Installing Pro Tools on Windows

  • Make sure you are logged in as an Administrator for the account where you want to install Pro Tools.

  • Download the Pro Tools Installer from your online Avid account

  • Do one of the following:

  • If Windows AutoRun is enabled, a mini-browser appears. Select Install Pro Tools to begin the installation.

  • If Windows AutoRun is disabled, locate and double-click Setup.exe, and then select Install Pro Tools to begin the installation

NOTE: On Windows, if the User Account Control dialog appears, click Allow. Several messages are displayed during installation that can be ignored, including multiple "Found New Hardware" dialogs and "A Problem Occurred During Hardware Installation." If you get a warning dialog about the driver not passing Windows Logo testing, click Continue Anyway.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to continue the installation

  • When the Install Wizard is done, click Finish.

Note: Windows users who do not have a dedicated audio interface should also consider installing and configuring ASIO4ALL from (without which Pro Tools will not be able to play audio through the built-in speakers of a Windows computer)

*Although this guide suggests that you can use ASIO4ALL with Pro Tools, ASIO4ALL is not officially supported or qualified by Avid for use with Pro Tools. We have found this configuration to work best for customers, but it has not gone through Avid's qualification processes. For a list of officially supported audio interfaces, refer to the Pro Tools system requirements pages.

Avid Link

When you install Pro Tools, the Avid Link application is also installed. The Avid Link application is used to manage your software and entitlements related to your MyAvid account. The Avid Link application helps you maintain the most current Pro Tools software and audio plug-in updates that you are entitled to when new versions become available. See the Avid Link page for more information.


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