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Re-certify in the Most Recent Pro Tools Version, Pro Tools 2023.9!

Small Size Classes

Features of the Pro Tools 2023.9 Update

The Pro Tools 2023.9 software brings in a new level of efficiency and has innovative features like the Sketch Window, Export Selected Range, Plugin Width Filtering, Plugin Reordering, and dashboard updates.

What the following features can do for you professionally?

These features can significantly speed up the technical side of your audio processes, granting you more time to focus on the creative aspects of your work. For instance, Sketch Window's touch-enabled and intuitive interface simplifies layering audio and MIDI tracks, enabling advanced compositions and soundscapes faster.

How It Can Benefit You

  • Updating your Pro Tools certification will show your commitment to staying current in the industry.

  • You can deliver higher-quality projects and streamline your workflow by mastering the latest techniques.

  • Re-certifying in Pro Tools will help you build a reputation for being a reliable, professional, and technologically adept audio professional.

Why do you want to learn hands-on training with Chilitos?

Learning from Chilitos gives you a unique opportunity to acquire industry-leading expertise in Pro Tools. Chilitos is one of the most sought-after educators, passionate, knowledgeable, and firmly committed to music education in underserved areas.

Real-life Examples

  • Imagine quickly reordering plugins in the new Pro Tools software, finding the perfect solution for your mixing needs, and achieving the ultimate sound for a client's project.

  • Or use the Export Selected Range function to rapidly share specific sections of your work with teammates for faster collaboration.

  • These real-life examples directly translate into better project outcomes and happy clients; deciding to re-certify is a no-brainer.

Potential Drawbacks and Solutions

Like any software update, there might be a learning curve as you adapt to the new features and functionalities. However, the re-certification course at AudioGraph International, led by Chilitos Valenzuela, is designed to streamline the learning process, ensuring you get up to speed quickly and efficiently.

Your Call to Action

Don't wait any longer to elevate your audio game. Register and get Pro Tools re-certified today at AudioGraph International.

To get more info, click here to fill out the Contact Student Form, call 310-396-5004, or write to

Once you've experienced the difference the new Pro Tools version can make, don't forget to share your experience with others so they can stay ahead in the audio industry!

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