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AudioGraph International Adds the PT301 | S6 Essentials Pro Tools | S6 Mixing Techniques and the PT310 | S6 Advanced Pro Tools | S6 Mixing Workflows to its Curricula

Deep-Dive into Pro Tools S6 Essential and Advanced

AVID S6 Workflow

Pro Tools S6 Essential and Advanced courses offer in-depth training on Avid's flagship control surface for those looking to specialize further. These two courses are designed for professionals who want to elevate their mixing and production skills.

This course covers the basics of the S6 control surface:

AudioGraph Pro Tools 301/S6 Mixing Techniques begins August 19 2024


  • Gain an in-depth overview of Pro Tools | S6 and technical integration/operation

  • Master primary navigation and session management techniques

  • Understand system customization and configuration.

  • Work with panning, sends, inserts, and plugins.

  • Learn expanded parameter control.

  • Discover advanced session navigation through the basic use of layouts.

  • Be ready to sit the associated assessment exam.

Building on the essential course, the advanced program dives deeper into:

AudioGraph Pro Tools 310/S6 Mixing Techniques begins August 22 2024


  • Gain an in-depth overview of Pro Tools | S6 and integration/operation

  • Understand how to navigate IO and routing assignments.

  • Work with panning, sends, inserts, and plugins.

  • Comprehend the editorial functions and techniques offered by S6.

  • Discover advanced navigation and session management techniques.

  • Learn automation functionality and advanced automation workflows.

  • Review the S6 Soft keys and the Soft Key Editor.

  • Be ready to sit the associated certification exam.


The completion and passing of the AVID Pro Tools series 100’s and 200’s certification exams is required.

The AVID Pro Tools Certification Begin July 1st 2024

Why get AVID Pro Tools Certified at AudioGraph International?

·       Small size classes: AGI accepts not more than 5 students per program, ensuring personalized attention and tailored instruction.

·       Personal digital station: You will have your own fully equipped digital station, allowing you to learn at your own pace and comfort.

·       Exclusive access: Each student has their own station and will not share it with anybody, guaranteeing uninterrupted learning.

·       Hands-on learning: The certification is conducted 99 percent hands-on, providing practical experience that is invaluable in the field.

·       Innovative teaching methods: Chilitos, AGI’s founder, combines unique, practical, and creative teaching methods recognized by trainers, professors, and teachers worldwide.

·       Boutique atmosphere: AudioGraph International offers a unique boutique environment, fostering a professional yet personalized audio training experience.

·       Prime location: Conveniently located one block from the famous Santa Monica beach, offering a serene and inspiring learning environment.

·       Family atmosphere: Enjoy a warm, family-like atmosphere where you can go swimming and catch a wave on your surfboard before returning to class refreshed and ready for more learning.

·       Social lunch hours: Lunchtime is a social experience where everyone comes together, providing the opportunity to get to know each other, share knowledge, and build lasting relationships.

·       Community vibes: The audio coffee corner and "Little Friday's" gatherings create a vibrant community you won't want to miss out on!

Chilitos teaching the AVID Pro Tools Certification



Emily, Studio Technician:

"The Pro Tools S6 Essential/Advance was a game-changer for me. It not only improved my technical skills but also boosted my confidence. I can now handle complex projects with ease, and my clients have noticed the difference in the quality of my work."


Michael, Sound Mixer:

"AudioGraph International's one-on-one education approach was fantastic. The small class sizes and hands-on training made learning enjoyable and effective. The certifications have definitely given my career a significant boost."

Utilize Community Support

  • Join Forums & Social Media Groups: Participate in online forums and discussion groups to connect with other learners and professionals.

  • Seek Mentorship: Reach out to certified professionals for guidance and tips.

  • Attend Workshops: Take advantage of workshops offered by AudioGraph International.

  • Become an Active Member: Different associations like AES (Audio Engineering Association) allow you to become a member according to your living area, and you can attend conventions throughout the year to enhance your your networking possibilities, like the NAMM (National Association Music Manufactures) show, happening every year in the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim.networking possibilities, like the NAMM (National Association Music Manufactures) show, happening every year in the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim.



The Certification in Pro Tools, the PT301 | S6 Essentials Pro Tools | S6 Mixing Techniques and the PT310 | S6 Advanced Pro Tools | S6 Mixing Workflows are pathways to your career advancement and professional growth. Investing in these programs can enhance your skills, increase job opportunities (check the AGI Career Opportunities on its Website, and deliver superior audio projects.

Guitar Center is hiring an Audio Producer

AudioGraph International, located in beautiful Santa Monica, provides a comprehensive learning environment with one-on-one education, small class sizes, and a supportive community. Don't wait—take the first step towards elevating your career today.

Ready to get started? Register now and join a community of dedicated audio professionals committed to excellence. Explore our certifications and take your audio engineering career to the next level.


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