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Mixing Techniques: Common Steps at the Start of a Mix (Part 2)

Have you ever opened a session that you were asked to mix and, you find it without the markers that tell you where each section start, such as Verse 1 or the Chorus, that all the tracks in the song are not positioned at the beginning of the Pro Tools session, or that the session is not in the proper tempo?; This has happened to me several times. Not having the session properly prepared can be frustrating and a waste of time. The truth is that in the long run, it is worth spending a little time to set the session properly before you start mixing. That is why, in this blog, I will continue with different types of recommendations so that the mix down is a pleasant experience. Well, if the begin

Mixing Techniques: Common Steps at the Start of a Mix (Part 1)

This time, I will talk about some simple steps to follow when you are starting to mix a song. We all have our own habits and methods when mixing a song. However, it does not mean that it is the best way to mix it, but if it works for you, why not? After all, the only thing that matters is the result, how well the song sound anywhere you hear it, in the car, at home, or through your headphones from your smartphone. What I am about to say, is not necessarily an absolute method or rules that you have to follow. It is instead, a guide you can use to create your own mixing techniques later on. The important thing is to understand the concepts. Before you start moving any faders to listen to the i

Recording Vocals in a Music Production

Today we will focus on the process of recording vocals in a music production. I will use a theme created by former Fernando Curiel, the Músico Pro Magazine Editor, to provide a "real world" example. Also, we will go over the necessary equipment required to capture the voice in the best possible way in a home studio. Fernando recorded himself using a large-diaphragm condenser microphone (of which there are many on the market, across the spectrum of quality and price), and only recorded two or three takes. He used the Playlist technique to comp his vocal recordings; that is, he built a final take of the different clips he recorded of himself. Fernando adds: "I listened to the three recordings

The Most Music Genre Listened Today!

In 2015, Nielsen Music confirmed that the most listened music genre was Rock (30 percent), followed by R&B/Hip-Hop with a robust 22 percent. However, things have changed in the music industry. Nowadays, Hip-Hop and Rap are at the top of the charts and continue doing so according to the ten top most music consumed in 2019 by Billboard. Nielsen Music US, 2015 I have talked to many people, especially those from the Generation X demographic, and, generally, they believe that the Rock genre is dying. What is yours believe? What type of Rock genre is the above chart referring? Classic? Country? Rock n Roll? Garage? Punk? Classic? Country? Rock n Roll? Garage? Punk? The Data Company, Statista, shar

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