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What's new in Pro Tools - Fall 2019?

We were able to witness first-hand about the Pro Tools and Pro Tools | Ultimate up-date during the Audio Engineering Society (AES) convention in New York. The article, written by Greg Stryke Chin, states the new improvement is “geared primarily for post-production users.”

The new functionality and features in a nutshell

  • Pro Tools and Pro Tools | Ultimate will support 4K/UHD video and higher frame rates.

  • Pro Tools will now mirror Media Composer, which will allow users to import media directly into Pro Tools.

  • Addition of the smoother H.264 video.

  • The Pro Tools | Ultimate users now can enable up to 130 CoreAudio channels.

  • The HDX users can relish in the fact that HDX is now fully compatible with Dolby Audio Bridge.

  • The ability to bounce multiple stems, interleaved into a single WAV file, is another new addition for Pro Tools | Ultimate users.

To read the complete article, please refer to the following link.