AudioGraph International ::. Pro Tools For Voice Over Talents Workshop

This hands-on, intensive one-day workshop is designed especially for voice over talents looking to learn how to produce professional high-quality demo reels. These days, there are so many opportunities spread out all around the city, but so little time to get to them all.

So why not maximize your time by learning how to craft your own demos, this way you can be submitting your work to various agencies all at once from home with the click of a button.

Using Pro Tools, each student will have an opportunity to record a promo sample, commercial, telephone prompt, etc., to then have the chance to edit and mix it themselves using the proper techniques. We will also cover the different conversion formats, sample rates, and bit resolutions used in the voice over filed so that students will learn how to meet the demands of different agencies and projects.

Course Topics Include:
• Choosing the right equipment
• Connecting your own Pro Tools recording system
• Creating voice over templates in Pro Tools
• Basic recording, editing, and mixing techniques
• Cleaning up voice over recordings using industry-standard restoration plug-ins
• Creating an organized voice over work archive
• Preparing auditions/demos for delivery via the Internet

José “Chilitos” Valenzuela – recording/mixing engineer/author [about the instructor]


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