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I had resisted becoming an expert using Pro Tools a lot longer than I should have. In the studios that I worked, I always had an assistant engineer that I could rely on to take care of all my Pro Tools needs. I also resisted because I was worried that perhaps I just wasn't smart enough or had an attention span long enough to become a Pro Tools Expert.

With the music business in the shape it's in, and the new realities of how you have to work, I finally made the commitment and built a Pro Tools based personal mixing studio, and was forced to become self, I called Chilitos and set up my Pro Tools education with him. He made it fun, easy and was able to get my head wrapped around the theory and operation and minutia of this thing that I resisted learning for so long.

Within one week, I was comfortable enough to be mixing, fixing, importing, exporting, editing, tuning, effecting, affecting, tweaking, sliding, gridding, burning, backing up....and all the other things that I needed to do to make music. I now feel so foolish for resisting and not calling Chilitos sooner. Thanks Chilitos, giving me the tools and for helping me to keep making music through these changing and difficult made it a whole lot easier than I ever thought it could be.
Ed Chenery
Multiple Grammys/Engineer Producer
Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Bonnie Raitt

"I bought a Digi 002 intending to teach myself how to use it. NOT! Chilitos saved me. The course is GREAT!!! Not only did I learn an immense amount about using my Pro Tools, I met wonderful people that will be friends long after the course."
Louise Pearson (LA-based singer songwriter)
"For the beginner interested in learning Pro Tools, or the power users wanting to perfect there skills Chilitos's class is the way to go. Having taken the class I went from watching other people running Pro Tools to running it myself. Chilitos takes all the mystery out of learning Pro Tools by taking you through the process step by step with hands on training, and for me that, is the best way to learn, by doing it!"
Robert Fernandez (Film Scoring Mixer-Los Angeles, CA)
"Techno fear is a terrible disease; I had a case of it, not terminal, but slightly debilitating nonetheless. Chilitos, through patience, skill and kindness, guided me into the world of Pro Tools, and I don't believe that I've ever been as happy. He helped making going to work every day, a joyful experience. Take the cure!!"
Colin Hay (Men At Work)
Thanks to Chilitos and AGI, "I PASSED" and now I am a certified Pro Tools HD Operator!!! I was given the most pertinent and current information imaginable during the 2-week Pro Tools Comprehensive Course.
Dan Sindel
Independent Recording Artist (Symphonic Guitars)

I took the class because I wanted to learn all about Pro Tools. My Dad is in the business and he told me to talk to Chilitos. I really like the class because he answered all my questions and I got to work on the gear. While I am younger than most and a girl, he treated me the same as everybody else.

Right now I actually have an intern job at a studio, learning ProTools will help me to get more involved in my work this year. While it's nice to assist my goal is to run my own production company/studio and call the shots. I have seen a lot of this business working with my Dad, so I know ownership is where it's at.
Brittany Hampton
After attending one of Chilitos' two week pro tools class I can say with much enthusiasm that any interested in learning this software should attend...No! Must attend. You will leave his class with a first class education that is second to none. Too be brief...Chilitos knows his sh#$@! I don't know if you can print that, but this is how strongly I feel about his class. I will be taking his class on mixing also. Who knows, I just might become a producer and steal somebody's publishing and become rich! (Smile)
Sinbad (Actor/Comedian)
"Chilitos Valenzuela's Pro-Tools class was unbelievable. Just the right amount of time was spent focusing on the right things, allowing you to get started using your Pro-Tools immediately. Chilitos demystifies any questions you may have had working with Pro Tools. From the simplest inquiry to the most challenging of problems, Chilitos infallibly delivers, thus making your journey into Pro Tools a clear and straight forward experience from the minute you turn it on."
Majandra (Actor/Singer-Songwriter)
I grew up with Pro Tools and knew the rudiments before stepping into the classroom, but Chilitos's (obvious) mastery of the inner workings gave me a rock-solid foundation to working with advanced Pro Tools concepts. I have been working in studios since age 16 for artists ranging from Mike Love of the Beach Boys to E-40, and have naturally picked up a good working knowledge of many aspects of the recording studio- including Pro Tools. I found Chilitos's class served as an ideal bridge from casual user to power user. Literally the day after I finished my last class with Chilitos I was on a project as a credited Pro-Tools engineer.
James Fogel (Hyperion Sound)
"This is the best way to learn Pro Tools...small class size, hands on training at your own workstation, personal attention that caters to your needs. For anyone looking to take their Pro Tools knowledge to the next level, Chilitos is the man to see."
Tony Kanal (No Doubt)
I would reccomend for anyone who is serious about being their own engineer or entering the arena of Production with computers to take Chilitos Protools class! I have learned the basic fundamentals of music recording and editing. Chilitos has alot of patience with his students. And with Chilitos books, "The Complete Protools Handbook," and "The Complete Pro Tools Shortcuts" with his easy to read illustrations, it has saved me many a time when I was stumped with questions.
Venesa (Songwriter/actress)
"As a musician getting into the music production world. I needed to expand my limited pro-tools knowledge. Finding Chilitos and his Pro-Tools School was a dream come true. With a hands on class and Chiltos vast knowledge of the software in English and in Spanish I was able to progress rapidly getting immediate results in my desire for stepping up to a different level in my Pro-Tools operation.Today, I engineer many projects in my studio and I am grateful to have been able to have been under Chilitos' guidance. Thank you Chiltos for making it possible for me to be called a 'Certified Pro Tools Operator."
Richie Gajate-Garcia - Los Angeles based percussionist
(credits include: Phil Collins, Sting, Celia Cruz, Tito Puente, Diana Ross, Hiroshima, Patti Labelle, Amy Grant, Brooks and Dunn, Luis Miguel, John Denver, Art Garfunkel and many, many more.)
"Chilitos's Pro Tools class has given me the guts to start recording and editing my bands music. I felt like I could ask really stupid questions without feeling like an idiot. Big thanks to Chilitos for making the daunting world of Pro Tools much easier to navigate."
Jim Creeggan (Barenaked Ladies)

"Nothing better than to learn with someone who really knows how to teach!"
Thanks Chilitos
Renato Neto
(Keyboard Player-Prince)

I've been a working television Re-Recording mixer in Los Angeles for 20 years . Mixing was 2nd nature to me.that is .... until Pro Tools began to flood my end of the industry. I realized that if I didn't jump aboard quickly I'd soon be up that creek without a paddle...or a job!~ At the time my union was offering Pro Tools classes at a local school but I felt I needed something with more personal attention than what they offered, so I hit the web and that's when I found Chilitos and Audiograph International.

The program at A.I.G. seemed to be perfect especially with my ongoing crazy mixing hours at the studio. Nightly classes with some time in between to absorb what I had learned the night before as opposed to the 2-3 day fast food versions offered at other facilities. Having small groups with our own P.T. stations afforded the individual attention I wanted with lots of hands on time.... I definitely made the right choice with Chilitos. When I began the class I knew next to nothing, by the end of my classes, I had the tools and understanding necessary to move forward on my own and feel confident in my abilities.

I spent the next year mixing episodic dramas on pro tools work surfaces and working "in the box". Chilitos, I thank you with all my heart for your patience, wonderful teaching skills, wisdom and most of all for all the support you've provided me during my journey.
Sherry K. (LA- based Re-Recording Mixer)