AudioGraph International ::. Surround Mixing for Film in Pro Tools

Class Summary: What will be covered in mixing for Film:

Introduction to Mixing for Film:
• Discuss the use of Mix Stems
• Why and how they are used
• Why Stems have discrete effects
• Why Stems have discrete surrounds
• Why discrete LFE tracks

Mixing: Using a Pro Tools System
• Discuss mix rig setup
• Assigning outputs to mix rig
• Creating Session Templates for Film Mixing
• Creating Multi-Track Stem Sessions
• Creating Mix reels: Setting Reel Start Times and Time Code Formats

Creating Mix Stems

Importing tracks into Stem Mix template
• Assigning Tracks to Stems:
• Using Surround Tracks
• Using Divergence to Create Surround Channels
• Creating discrete LFE tracks
• Using Multi-track stems or Multi-mono stems
• Creating Surround Reverbs and Effects

Students will Mix three cues and prepare them for Dubbing stage

Saving to Final Mix Hard Drive for Dubbing Stage


Instructor: Robert Fernandez [about the instructor]

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