AudioGraph International ::. Record Production Program

1. Definition(s), description
The short history of music production.
Music production as part of the record deal.
The elements of record production:
Record Company, Artist/Band, Songs, Producer.
The producer’s job.
The two different types of record production work: “Inside” and “Outside” production.

2. The musician/producer (also music director)
The engineer/producer.
The executive producer.
The artist/producer. Co-producers and “no producers”)
The Song. “The song is king”. Elements of a song. Emotion
The influence of Radio airplay in the song’s format
Standard formats. Structure, length, repetition. A look at hit songs.
Additional formats: Commercials, :30, :60, Tags, 2-pop, etc.
The 3 stages of Outside Production.

3. Pre-production
Proposals, budget.
Contractual rights and commitments.
Producer’s fee, advanced money.
Getting to know the artist and the material.
Style of music, direction, concept of the whole project.
Target buyer. Market. “Understanding the record and the artist”.

4. Song Selection. Filing (alphabetical or numbered)
Searching for songs, writing songs. finding songs.
Production charts – breakdown of a new song.
Key and tempo selection of all songs. The concept of tonality.
Titles, writers, publishing clearance, copyright of new songs.
Midi demos, test recordings, changes, finding the right groove.

5. Music arrangements. Orchestration
Additional Midi tracks.
Casting of musicians, back-up singers, engineers and assistants.
Selection of Studio(s) for recording and mixing.
Compatibility issues. Media. Lockout prices and availability.
Music parts, (transposed) and chord charts.
Concert version. Copyist.
Printed Lyrics. Numbered Copies.

7. Production
The computer program as a production center.
Pro Tools/Logic.
Alternative recording systems.
The one and only “Click”.
Special clicks? Tempo maps. Rubato music.
Basic Tracks, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards.
Printing a rough vocal take.
Basic tracks editing.

8. Overdubs
Embellishing work, additional instruments.
Synths, brass, woodwinds, strings, ethnic instruments.
Full band editing.
Final lead vocal. How many passes?
Lead Vocal comps.
Pitch and time correction.
Background vocals recordings.
Final Editing.

9. Mixing, checking and selecting mixes

10. Post Production
Full version, TV Tracks, Instrumentals.
Stems, stereo, 5.1, 7.1, other formats.
Back Ups.
Order of songs. Key, tempo, style and sound considerations.
Art/ presentation.
Delivery of masters. Storage.

Hands On:
1.Identity and solve problems with tonality and tempo of a real song.
2. Create a click track, melody and chord charts using MIDI of the song for a new singer for a remake of the song in the new tonality created.
3) Save the project in the appropriate format

Instructor: Danny Luchansky [about the instructor]

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