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Pro Tools Expert Certification in Music Production
A certified Pro Tools Expert is a user who has reached the highest level and can operate a Pro Tools|HD system in a professional, fast-paced environment at an above-average skill level.

How do I become a Pro Tools Expert?
• Complete all 100-,200-, and 300-level curriculum and course projects/exercises at an official Digidesign training partner facility
• Pass each course completion exam and pass the final Pro Tools Expert certification exam at an official Digidesign training partner facility
• Pass the Expert-level proficiency project

What kind of schools offer 300-level curriculum?
Music, Post Production, or both

How long is certification?
Pro Tools Certification does not have a fixed duration. Instead, you are certified for a particular version of Pro Tools software. Certified Pro Tools Operators and Experts have an option to update their certification by taking the Pro Tools 220 update course and exam.

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