AudioGraph International ::. Pro Tools Comprehensive

• Classes are limited to five students per session, therefore allowing personal attention to each student.
• Each student practices on his/her own Pro Tools HD TDM/LE station.
• Classes run for two consecutive weeks: Monday-Friday, 3 hours daily. (We believe this amount of time is sufficient for each student to learn and assimilate this state-of-the-art technology).
• These courses are designed to be 95% “hands on” training in “Real Life” applications in Music Production and Post-production.

Among other topics covered in these courses are:
• Digital Audio and MIDI Concepts
• Pro Tools System Installation
• Complete Pro Tools Menu Explanation and Application
• Recording and Loading Tracks
• Managing & Editing Regions
• Applications for Music Production
• Applications for Post-Production
• Mixing using Plug-Ins, AudioSuite, and External Effects Processors Automation
• Synchronization to audio and video



José “Chilitos” Valenzuela - recording/mixing engineer/synthesizer programmer/author
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