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Pro Tools Operator Certification in Post Production
Take your Pro Tools® training to the next level, and become a Certified Pro Tools Operator or Certified Pro Tools Expert. The Digidesign® Training and Education program offers a comprehensive curriculum to give you the skills you need to work with Pro Tools in a professional environment. Specialize in music, Post Production, or both. Becoming a Certified Pro Tools Operator or Certified Pro Tools Expert can be an important step toward landing your next gig and building a professional career in the audio industry.

Once you complete your certification, you’ll receive a frame-worthy certificate and you’ll be listed in the online Digidesign Certification Directory so peers and potential clients can find you quickly. You’ll get to keep your course materials for future reference, and you’ll also receive discounts in the Digidesign Education Store on selected software and Pro Tools LE™ hardware. And of course, you’ll get some free DigiWear clothing to keep you looking good in the studio.

Certified Pro Tools Operator
A certified Pro Tools Operator can competently operate a Pro Tools|HD® system in a professional environment.

How do I become a Pro Tools Operator?
• Complete all 100 and 200 level courses and course projects/exercises at an official Digidesign training partnerfacility
• Pass each course completion exam and pass the final Pro Tools Operator certification exam at an officialDigidesign training partner facility

What kind of schools offer 200-level courses?
• Certified Training Locations
• Authorized Pro Schools

What areas can I specialize in?
• Music, Post production, or both

How long is certification?
Pro Tools Certification does not have a fixed duration. Instead, you are certified for a particular version of Pro Tools software. Certified Pro Tools Operators and Experts have an option to update their certification by taking the Pro Tools 220 update course and exam.


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