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Tony Kanal & Will Alexander AGI Students Recording AGI Students Mixing AGI Students Graduate AGI Students Connecting Gear Roger Nichols In Class
Marina Valenzuela and Sinbad Keith Emerson at AGI Jim Creegan and Chilitos Geoff Downes and Chilitos First Mexican Pro Tool Operators First AGI Pro Tool Operators
Class With Tony Kanal(No Doubt) Chilitos with Kenny Obrien Chilitos with ICON Chilitos, German and RichieG Chilitos and Bobby Fernandez At Sony Bobby Fernandez with Students
AGI Pro Tools Classroom Step Johnson and Karmina Digidesign Event at AGI Chilitos and Roger Nichols Chilitos and Dave Hampton Brushing Up On Shortcuts
Chilitos with Burnie Grundman Chilitos with Actor Danny Trejo AGI Certified 1st Generation PT Ops Chacho at AGI Chacho at AGI