AudioGraph International ::. Master Class

The AGI Master Class series is designed for intermediate/advanced level musicians, producers, engineers, programmers, technicians, etc.

These 1-day classes are very specific and designed for those looking to step their game up a notch by hitting the material hard and dirty.

The Master Classes are taught ONLY by working members in the music industry, and can accommodate anybodies needs.

We currently offer a selection of classes, but if we get enough demand for a specific topic, AGI will go out there and find the best person in the industry to get the job done (we are very well connected).

Make sure to bring your own material for serious critiquing.

Current Available Master Classes:
• Advance Editing Techniques in Pro Tools w/ Chilitos Valenzuela
• Mixing in Pro Tools w/ John Karpowich
• Getting the most out of your compressor w/ Khaliq Glover
• 5.1 Surround Sound mixing w/ Bobby Fernandez
• So, You’re an Audio Engineer? w/ Dave Hampton
• So you want to be a DJ? w/ Marques Wyatt
• The road to becoming a Mixtape DJ w/ Scetch
• Music Business 101 w/ Pat Rogers (SESAC)


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