AudioGraph International ::. Producing Music in Logic Pro 8 Course

This class is designed to help the beginner, intermediate and advanced Logic users who want to learn and/or improve their production and composition skills using Logic latest version. This is a “hands-on” course, where you will be guided through the steps of building a song from scratch by covering the many sides of pre production - through sequencing, editing MIDI and audio, plug-ins inserts, using Rewire, Reason, Live, Stylus, Kontakt and other powerful production tools.

The instructor will also show you how to best configure your own recording set up connecting your MIDI instruments. The course also includes instruction on working with music notation and chart preparation, understanding the possibilities of quantizing; learning the sampler EXS24, using effects, and how to put the finishing touches on your mix.

Students will create a song using many of the software instruments that come within Logic, and will make use of their own Apple Loops. The student will also learn advanced concepts on how professionals apply some of Logic's features as the multiple take folder, creating “comp” tracks in a very practical way and many other valuable tips.

The course also covers how to customize Logic through key commands, channel strips, and various prepared windows that will make it much easier to get the job done. Whether you're a musician, producer, songwriter, composer or someone who'd love to make some cool beats, this course will help you to get the most out of this powerful software.

• Main Page
• MIDI Tracks
• Audio Tracks
• Editors
• Software Instruments
• Drums/Loops
• Recording Audio
• Editing
• Bounces
• Automation
• Plug-ins
• Channel Strips
• Grouping
• Mixing
• Finalizing

• High Editing
• MIDI/Audio
• Vocal Editing
• Comping
• Re-Mixes
• Loop Editing
• Formats
• Compatibility
• Interface with Pro Tools 8.0
• Scoring
• Chord Charts
• Customizing Logic Pro

Instructor: Danny Luchansky [about the instructor]


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