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Ableton Live is geared towards songwriters, producers, performers, creative DJ's and remixers and anyone interested in making music. So many people are starting to use Live because of the streamlined workflow and flexibility to create all different types of music. In fact, Live is the only software solution designed for each stage of a musician¹s process. From creation, to production, to performance, Ableton offers incredibly smooth workflow and fun.

This course is designed to learn the ins and outs of Live and producing music with it. All levels are welcome, however a basic knowledge of computer music is preferred. Since Live works both linearly and non-linearly, the class will focus on each of these sides of the program. The student will learn the software¹s features and capabilities, as well as create original compositions in their preferred skill set. By the end of the course, the student will be comfortable in all aspects of the program and will probably come up with their own unique way to use Live!

Course Outline

• Ableton Live Set Up
• Session View
• Arrangement View
• Working With Audio Samples
• Recording Audio Into Live
• Warping
• Adding Effects
• Effect Automations
• Sends And Returns
• Arrangement Editing
• MIDI And Key Mapping
• MIDI And Virtual Instruments
• Movie Import and Export
• Mixdowns

José “Chilitos” Valenzuela - recording/mixing engineer/synthesizer programmer/author
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